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FCG is an online non-collectable card game.

There are three types of cards: creatures, artifacts and spells.

Each of these cards costs Mana to play, which is your magical energy.

There are six types of Mana: Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, and Colorless.

The mana cost of each card is formatted as such:

[A number][A series of letters]

For example: 3RR, or 1B, or WW, or 2.

This tells you how much Mana this card costs to play. The first number tells you how much Colorless Mana it costs - this can be taken from any of your Mana reserves.

The letters tell you how much colored Mana that card costs. "R" means it costs 1 Red Mana. "RR" means 2 Red Mana. "UUU" means 3 Blue Mana, and so on.

If a card has only a number, it only costs Colorless Mana. If it has only letters, it doesn't cost any Colorless Mana - it just costs boring old colored Mana instead.

The first letter of the Mana cost of each card determines that card's Color. A card costing RR will be Red. A card costing 3WWW will be White.

You have 5 separate Mana pools to spend on cards. However, at the start of the game, each of these pools is empty and has a Capacity of 0 (meaning they can hold 0 Mana).

To increase your Capacity, you need to Sacrifice cards. Sacrificing a card will increase the Mana pool's Capacity of that card's Color by the cost of the card.

Sacrificing a card costing RRR will increase the Capacity of your Red Mana pool by 3. Sacrificing a card costing GG will increase the Capacity of your Green Mana pool by 2.

However, Colorless costs and costs not of the card's Color are ignored - sacrificing a card costing 2BBG (2 colorless, 2 black, and a green) will increase the Capacity of your Black Mana pool by 2.

You can only Sacrifice one card per turn though, so beware!

During each turn, you may use up however much Mana you have on playing cards or using abilities. At the start of your next turn, all of your Mana pools will completely replenish!

Creatures can be played into either your Attack Zone or your Defense Zone.

Creatures in the Attack Zone can attack any of your opponent's creatures. You do this by clicking on one of your creatures, then clicking on the creature of your opponent's that you want to attack.

However, if there are no creatures in your opponent's Defense Zone, you can attack your opponent directly! This is the same as attacking an ordinary creature except your opponent starts with 30HP - and when that's gone, they lose.

Beware - if you have no creatures in your Defense Zone, your opponent can attack you, too!

Creatures in the Defense Zone can attack creatures in your opponent's Attack Zone, but they can't attack anything else.

Left click on a creature to summon it into Attack zone, right click for Defense Zone.

When a creature attacks another creature, they will both attack the other creature's HP.

Artifacts have effects and durability.

Artifacts can have either an activated ability that might cost mana, triggered abilities, or both.

Most abilities that artifacts have reduces their durability.

When an artifacts durability reaches 0, it is destroyed.

Spells work as you would expect, some are targeted, some are not.

Players starts with 30 HP.

Deck restrictions: max 4 copies of each card, minimum 30 card in deck.


Regen X: heals itself by X at the start of your turn

Armor X: takes X less damage from physical attacks

Resist X: takes X less damage from spells.

Haste: Doesn't enter play tapped

Defender: Can't attack

Trample: Deals overkill damage to opponent when killing a creature in the Defense zone.

Invoked: Deals spell damage during combat.

Energyless: Cannot be sacrificed for mana.

Pierce: Ignores enemy creature's Armor and Resist when attacking.