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Clean's Automafia


This tool will take you through the process of hosting your Mafia. Its primary function is to manage the actions of Mafia with large amounts of players or complex rulesets where it is difficult for the host to work out what happens each night.

You'll need to make your own Lore Sheet, or have someone make one for you. This is a spreadsheet that defines every possible situation that could happen in your mafia through Conditions assigned to each player.

Please hit the Feedback button up in the right corner to tell me about any bugs, feature requests, or if you've found something the Lore Sheet can't do.

If you don't know what something does, or what a symbol means, hovering over it should give you the answer. If it doesn't, hit Feedback.

If you've read all that, you're ready to hit Next Section and start setting up your Mafia.

Section 1: Setup

Here you'll be asked to optionally name your mafia, and will be prompted to download your Lore Sheet via the spreadsheet ID.

Section 2: Initialisation

Here you'll be asked to name all of your players, assign roles to them, and also optionally give them starting Conditions.

Section 3: Define Actions

Here you'll enter the actions that each player takes along with their targets.

Section 4: Lore Output

Here you'll see the results of processing the action against the Lore Sheet: the lore. These are messages that should be sent to each player individually.

You'll loop between Section 3 and Section 4 until your mafia game ends. You'll have to work out when that happens yourself.



You'll need a Lore Sheet to proceed with hosting your mafia. If you don't have one, click the link next to Review Download.

You have two options for accessing your lore sheet.

First, you may use a Sheet in Google Drive. Just mark the sheet as public and paste the ID into this text box.

Alternatively, you may upload a spreadsheet from your computer. Supported file formats are .XLSX, .XLSM, .XLS and .ODS.


When you've picked one, click the relevant button, then click Review Download to check for errors.

Using Google Drive is recommended as it allows you to easily make modifications in your browser without having to reupload anything (although you will have to come back and click Download Sheet again). However, do note that you may have to replace all colons (":") in a Google Sheet with "$COLON".

What the hell is a Lore Sheet?

Define roles

The first step to running any functioning Mafia game is to define what role each player is.

Here you'll see three boxes - put the player name in the first, what role they are in the second, and any Conditions they currently have in the third. To define multiple statuses, put a comma (",") between them, but no space (eg "mafia,scum").

You'll need one row per player in your game. Order is unimportant. Don't forget to assign the "mafia" Condition, or equivalent!

Use TAB or Shift+TAB to jump from box to box easily.

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{{(players.length === $index + 1) ? "-" : $index + 1}}

keyboardActions - Phase {{currentPhase}}

Warning: the previous phase contains no actions, you might want to go back.

Use the arrows to the left and right to navigate between Phases.

{{messages[currentPhase] || "Define the actions for Phase " + currentPhase + "."}}

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Lore output for Phase {{currentPhase}}

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{{ $index + 1 }}

{{move.player || "none"}}


Copy this save data or download the .JSON file at any time to save your progress.

Please don't modify it unless you really know what you're doing!


Paste your save data here or upload a .JSON file.

The pasted data takes priority over the upload, so if you're going to upload a file, make sure the text box is empty.


These settings are saved to your cookies so they're still set between sessions.

Toggle whether you see tips when you hover over something.
Toggle whether you see description telling you how to use parts of the tool.
Toggle whether you see trivial messages pop up telling you what the tool is doing.
Toggle whether you see all sections at once or just the one you're working on